Friday, March 19, 2010

Not Really Sure What I'm Doing...


So lately I have been obsessed with the idea of "blogging", and have been playing with the idea of starting one of my own. I realized in the last weeks or so that I have had quite a lot to say and for lack of a better idea, decided to starting writing it all down on the internet. Cool beans, right? Not really sure how often I will actually write on this, and most of the times it may just be songs or poems I feel necessary to share to the world. But nevertheless, enjoy! .. or don't. I'm just here to write out whatever is on my mind.

So, here's a poem I wrote a while back. Here's the little tag that went with it (well "little" in the non-technical sense):
It is way too late and I should really be sleeping. I realize no ones probably going to read this but I feel like its the best I can to do. Lately I've just noticed how amazingly cruel people can be to others who perhaps are "different" or not even different, just quiet or scared or nervous or sad. We don't even notice those things. So often we take people for granted, unknowingly using people without so much as a regard to their life, and how they might be feeling internally. For me it is those that are sad. I feel so much for them and yet I cannot lie and say that I have always done my best for those because honestly, how am I supposed to know those that need help from those who are dying for it? The answer is why should that matter. We all want to be loved and know that someone cares deeply for us, so why aren't we doing the same to each and every person in our life? Sadness and pain are real, guys, but yet it has the easiest cure; Love. Perhaps this will do nothing but if anything I hope it really inspires to think about the people in your life that maybe you've forgetting about or disregarded or even someone you know is struggling with sadness, loneliness and pain, etc. I know the people I love the most have been affected by such blatant disregard for the feelings of others. The most sincerest form of cruelty is ignorance.
It's not difficult, it's not costly, and it can make the difference between life and death. It's called Love. So go ahead and share it.

"Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends."
-John 15:13

On a table, in the corner of a massive collection
A quiet book lays.
Its pages have been abused,
the corners ripped and frayed.
From the negligence of previous owners.
It lays open to a page,
Begging, bleeding for just someone to read the words they say;
To just, understand.
But no one ever reads past the hardback cover to see the end.
It sadness is never seen,
Its story never read.
A book unnoticed;
A life left for dead.
Does no one know or does know one care?
It's screaming for someone, anyone
To care for what's inside.
Left for dead with
Sorrow, we'd never get, you and I.
But we all had the chance, we all saw her there;
Begging for love, for hope, and someone to care
Had we just loved what we read on the inside of her heart
Maybe then, maybe, her words would have been heard.
Time is not ours to keep but to give
And all she wanted was love and hope to live.
When all books lie before you, and all the ones you want to read
Reach for the one left alone, sad, with broken seams.

A more recent poem:

Unarmed, detached from all around me
I stand as the wind beats me endlessly
All warmth, is a far off cry
Dust from the earth slashes me, the harsh cold seems to
Tears flesh from the inside out

But, oh, sweet understanding
To know that others stand in warmth, in the sun they have created,
And to know rather I was created for the cold and searing pain.
All in the name of the glory in which you anticipated

I plead, make me stand still in Your presence.
Let passing pain resonate, as I am inflicted for Your sake.
Cast me deeper into Love, for Love has no greater sound than You,
And I have no stronger bones than those I give you to break.

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  1. Chris are a poet. And a good one at that. Keep up the blog man. I'll read it.